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Happy birthday, dear celebrity...

current header by stepinsidelove

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Birthday Celebrities Icontest
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b i r t h d a y _ c e l e b sp r o f i l e
w e l c o m e
Welcome to birthday_celebs, a icon challenge community dedicated to celebrities who are celebrating their birthdays during the fortnightly and monthly challenges.

Each challenges will consist of various celebrities who are celebrating their birthdays within those specific weeks. These celebrities include, but are not limited to, actresses/actors, musicians, models or just about anyone who has ever been in the spotlight for one reason or another.

You can check our old winners archive here.

m o d s
Your maintainer/moderator for all fortnightly challenges is sweet_pink_paw.
Your moderator for the monthly header challenges is nyahnna
This community was previously moderated by jussy_baby, farscapeone, stepinsidelove and beyondthisnight, and created by nida_yubari.

Have a question? Not sure about something? Get in touch with one of the current mod's who are always glad to be of service.

r u l e s
- You must be a member of this community to participate in challenges. Join here.
- Please follow the rules that go along with each challenge (they may vary).
- You don't have to be a member of the community to vote.
- As this is a stillness community, animations are not allowed.
- All challenge entries must be new and your own work.
- All icons must follow LJ standards, 100x100 pixels and under 40k or smaller.
- Your entries must remain anonymous. Please don't show your entries to anyone or post them anywhere until the winners are announced.
- Submit your entries by commenting on the challenge post. All comments are screened.

An example of submitting your icon(s):

hall of fame; affiliates; suggestions; layout; profile;

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