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Hi all,

I've decided to put this community on hiatus until further notice. As you've seen, I haven't been back in a while and to be honest I'm struggle to focus on this community with everything going on in my personal life. Nothing major, just too busy.

I'm really sorry about this. Any one who has entered a current challenge is allowed to post their icons/header elsewhere as I won't be posting voting for them.

Maybe in the future I'll open it back up again, we'll see. :D Thank you to everyone for all you've done so far. It means a lot!
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Mini hiatus

Hi everyone,

I currently don't have internet access at home, so this community will be on a mini hiatus until this is resolved on my end. I've closed Challenge 360 early because of this.

Please continue to participant in the current challenges and the Best of the Best voting will be posted when I'm back.

Thank you!
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Challenge 360 | Results

First place: stepinsidelove
Second place: alwaysashipper
Third Place: magicrubbish
Mod's Choice: alwaysashipper

Congratulations to the winners and a HUGE thank you to all those participated. It's sad that not every icon can win, but hey! next time it's your turn. ♥

Please comment clearly if you'd like a banner. Your banner maker is stepinsidelove. I'll take of your first place banner.