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Challenge 299 | February 12 - February 28

February 12
Christina Ricci
Jesse Spencer

February 13
Mena Suvari
Robbie Williams

February 16
Elizabeth Olsen
The Weeknd

February 17
Bonnie Wright
Ed Sheeran
Denise Richards
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

February 20
Miles Teller

February 21
Alan Rickman
Ashley Greene
Ellen Page
Jennifer Love Hewitt

February 22
Drew Barrymore

February 23
Dakota Fanning
Emily Blunt

February 24
Kristin Davis

February 26
Teresa Palmer

February 28
Sarah Bolger

You may enter up to FIVE (5) icons.
You can use any pictures from the celebrities listed above. Click on the celebrity name to see some example pictures.
If we haven't included a celebrity birthday that you like listed between the current dates, please feel free to comment and we'll include them.
Reply with your entries as a comment to this post (your icon(s) AND the url, please). All comments are screened.
Do not use your icons anywhere else until winners for this challenge have been determined.
Entries: [02/09]

This challenge will end Sunday February 26.
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